anna paxton

film producer | copywriter | mountain runner

I'm a Copywriter, Film Producer, and mountain runner, working freelance across a variety of roles in the outdoor industry. I established Outdoorista to shine a light on the incredible stories and female role models in the outdoor world, with the aim of motivating others to get active outdoors. I spent most of 2017 producing a six part urban sports series for Channel 4 and Salt Street Productions. I've written for Sidetracked, Red Bull Adventure, Rab and Lowe Alpine among others, and manage PR and Comms for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, as well as being a judge.

I'm a keen fell and trail runner, completing ultra marathons in the Alps and USA, as well as closer to home, including the V3k (Welsh 3000s). I have travelled the world to climb, preferring trad routes in Yosemite, Utah, and on the grit. Born and bred in Sheffield, I'm embedded in Sheffield’s outdoor community, and with Stanage Edge just a short run from my doorstep, I'm especially knowledgeable about the Peak District.

Inspired by my own experiences in the outdoors, I have developed expert knowledge of the outdoor industry. I work with some of the biggest brands, and have links to athletes, filmmakers and influencers across climbing, trail running, and urban adventure sports.