anna paxton

trail and ultra runner, outdoors journalist, adventure film producer

My experiences in the outdoors inspire me as an adventure journalist and film producer with the aim of motivating others to get active outdoors.

I've always been a runner, it's the perfect excuse to travel and explore. In 2015 I wanted to try a new challenge, so I entered my first ultra marathon. It involved 35 miles and 3,300m of ascent through the Alps in Italy, Switzerland, and France. It was an incredible experience, running in the mountains combines everything I love, long days out, exploration, and steep rocky places.

In preparation for my first ultra I solo hiked through the Alps, camping along the way. I had a lot to learn, and I've gone on from there to develop my confidence and skill in the outdoors. I use ultra light kit and I test it to its limits. I've fast-packed the Tour du Mont Blanc, running 108 miles with 10,000m of ascent, carrying all my camping and cooking gear. As well as planning independent challenges, I enter races, including the Welsh 3000's (v3K), where I ran all the highest peaks in a day. 

I love discovering new places and developing new skills. I'm expert at planning 'mini expeditions,' which are low budget, over short periods of time, in places that feel remote and isolated but are often relatively easy to access.

I believe that everyone is inspiring in some way, and through my work I seek to shine a light on the incredible stories and female role models in the outdoor world. 

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