Recipe - Super easy super tasty energy bites (gluten free!)

I invited food blogger Charleh of Designed2Eat to recommend some quick and easy snacks for long days out in the hills. She suggested that we make these simple and tasty energy bites...

Throw in whatever you like! We added dark chocolate, chia seeds, raisins, cinnamon and honey...

Throw in whatever you like! We added dark chocolate, chia seeds, raisins, cinnamon and honey...

"We’re going to make energy bites, for a mixture of complex carbs and quick sugars like raisins and honey. Fats from coconut oil and nut butter give long term energy, and nuts give protein for recovery.

Coconut oil has so many good properties - it's great for hair skin, nails, everything! We'll also add Chia seeds, they're high fibre and the texture will help the balls stick together. You can add protein powder if you want to, it’s a quick source and very easy to digest."


The amounts are a rough guide, it doesn’t have to be precise! 

Oats - 500g (we used 'free from' pure porridge oats)
Chia seeds - 1tbsp
Cinnamon - ½ tsp
Dark chocolate 75g - chopped into small chunks
Raisins - 125g
Peanut butter - 175g
Vanilla essence - a few drops
Honey - 75g (5tbsp)
Coconut oil - 75g (5tbsp) melted
(Add protein powder if required)



1 - Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl until they're evenly distributed.
2 - The ingredients should start to clump together, add a bit more honey or coconut oil if required.
3 - Squeeze them in your hands to form balls of whichever size you want, we aimed for bite size!
4 - Leave them to set at room temperature.

Charleh adds, "They're all dry ingredients so they should keep well. You can freeze them, grab them, put them in your pocket and they’ll defrost during the day. They're not too sweet, which is great for long distance runners."

All natural, gluten free, supertasty and addictive!

All natural, gluten free, supertasty and addictive!

Charleh Dickinson, Designed2Eat

Charleh is a keen skier, "I could live on the mountains! I enjoy cycling, that’s definitely my summer sport. I dabble in fell running, walking, and anything that my friends want to do. My blog is called Designed2Eat and we focus on food, fitness, health and nutrition. It's split into those four areas because we take a holistic approach.

My whole family has auto-immune conditions, but we're all affected in different ways. I'm allergic to dairy, gluten, soya, white rice and white potatoes. My dad has just become type 1 diabetic at the age of 56, triggered by the auto immune. He’s now more active on the blog, talking about his experience as a diabetic and how he’s been able to get his cholesterol and blood sugar back to a normal level through diet and fitness.

Endurance athletes always need to be getting nutrients in, because of the high stress on their bodies. If you haven’t got the essential electrolytes and minerals your performance will be affected. Then it’s getting sufficient calories, during an event you might not necessarily get all the vitamins and minerals but you’re always going to get some calories. Then it’s protein and carbohydrates, continuously boosting the metabolism. Then you restore and recover, in order to repeat the next day and keep that endurance.

On the fitness side we want to promote how to be the best at your sport - everybody needs something different." 

"Skiing is my favourite sport, I could live on the mountains!" Charleh Dikinson

"Skiing is my favourite sport, I could live on the mountains!" Charleh Dikinson

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