Megan Hine, Mind of a Survivor - book review


Megan Hine is an adventurer, wilderness expedition leader, and survival expert. In her book, Mind of a Survivor, Megan shares what the wild has taught her about survival and success.

She says, “In modern society it’s sometimes possible to avoid confronting life’s challenges, or wait for someone else to make the changes you want to see. In the wild, it all comes down to you. That’s such a valuable lesson to learn, because that’s how you get the most out of life.”

Mind of a Survivor doesn’t give instructions on how to light a fire or build a shelter, it’s a book of shared wisdom. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, Megan articulates what you'll already know about the physical and mental benefits. You don’t have to be a hardened outdoor adventurer to enjoy reading it though, there are life lessons for everyone. 

While some explorers see wilderness as something to be battled and conquered, Megan takes a more holistic view. Surviving means understanding your situation, experiencing it fully, and learning to live within it. That's what Megan does, living for days in the mountains with no supplies, staring death in the face, about to be delivered by snake, lion, or gun, and the moment she realises that she is lost in the jungle alone.

Although some of her experiences are extreme, she recognises that to some extent we are all trying to survive, and a survivor's mindset can be applied in all aspects of life. Skills like resilience, creativity, and curiosity can be developed by everyone, and are equally useful whether you're dealing with a stressful situation at work or figuring out how to survive a plane crash!

The book challenged me to think differently about my own experiences in the outdoors. It made me appreciate the difference between knowing how to visit the mountains safely for a day or two, and having the skills to survive independently. 

In the final chapter Megan poses a question to herself. In the ultimate survival scenario, ‘What would I do?’ Throughout the book I found myself asking the same. What would I do? Do I have the mind of a survivor? I’m already planning a trip to find out...

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