Trail running shoot with photographer Colin Morley

ColMorley portrait 1.jpg

Last year I met up with sports photographer Colin Morley for a trail running shoot at Stanage Edge in the Peak District. Colin’s Instagram feed features cyclists and runners grimacing, covered in dirt and sweat, the camera often close up and in their face. It isn’t always pretty, but it does feel real.

ColMorley portrait 3.jpg

I was excited and a bit nervous when Colin offered to photograph me. He explained that he looks for more than just a good shot of an athlete, he wants to feel an emotional response and see a fuller glimpse of the person. For me that meant choosing some of the best bits of Stanage and running up and down until we found a combination of the right angle and the best running posture.

ColMorley portrait 2.jpg

I love the way the photos capture the texture and scale of the rock, it’s what makes Stanage such an enjoyable place for trail running.

ColMorley portrait 7.jpg

Despite the fact that I’m always demanding more realistic images of outdoor women, I found the portrait photo more challenging. My first thoughts were “Oh no I look really old”, and “Why am I so serious?” But Colin’s response was “It’s a powerful portrait, you look strong and in control. For me this portrays a strength of character, drive, and ambition.” I like that version of myself better!

ColMorley portrait 12.jpg

Thanks to Colin for these fantastic images, and if you’d like to see more of his work check out his website Colin Morley photography and follow @colmorley on Instagram.

ColMorley portrait 6.jpg