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Clare Anderson - Outdoor Kids

Clare Anderson established Outdoor Kids Sheffield, a non-profit group that inspires families to play and explore in nature, especially those with very young children. "I started Outdoor Kids when I had my two sons. I didn’t really want to go to the usual baby groups, so I started exploring the Peak District. I decided to share that with other people..." 

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Victoria and Rebecca Bradley - Skydivers

We are at 5000 feet and Victoria and Rebecca Bradley are sitting by the open back doors of a small aeroplane. We climb sharply, and in a matter of seconds with a grin and a fist bump, they are gone. I’m alone with the pilot, who aims for home at a plummeting pace. He tells me I won’t see the skydivers, they have already dropped 2.5 miles back to solid ground...

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Caroline Elliott - Ski Patrol Search and Rescue dog handler

"Search and rescue is a year-round role, it’s a full time activity. I have to juggle to fit it with the rest of life. In winter when the dog is on duty, you take 24 hour shifts with a beeper system. On those days you have to be able to get in a car or a helicopter and go. If you’re in the supermarket shopping, you just have to run...."

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