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Five Female Adventure Filmmakers to Watch this Summer

This summer feels deceptively quiet and with all this rain I’m in need of a little adventure inspiration, so I put together my list of five female filmmakers to watch this summer. Most of the films are free to view online - great inspiration for a rainy day…

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Shextreme Adventure Photography Competition

This year I will be judging the Adventure Photography competition for Shextreme Film Festival which is calling for entries along the festival's theme of empowering women in adventure. Encouraging and showcasing female photographers can only broaden the variety and quality of images and inspire others, whether they're male or female…

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So why aren't more Women in Adventure films?

For most of 2017 I’ve been producing a series of short action sports films for Salt Street. We wanted them to feel inclusive, a crew that anyone would want to be part of, and that included a strong female presence. It was much harder than we imagined, and it’s given me a new insight into the reasons that there still aren't enough women in adventure films...

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