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Five Female Adventure Filmmakers to Watch this Summer

This summer feels deceptively quiet and with all this rain I’m in need of a little adventure inspiration, so I put together my list of five female filmmakers to watch this summer. Most of the films are free to view online - great inspiration for a rainy day…

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Women in Adventure... is gender becoming a distraction?

Recently I’ve seen several high profile women mentioning with frustration the fact that their gender is a talking point. I do understand that. When you’ve dedicated your life to becoming one of the most highly skilled in your profession, whether as an athlete, a survivalist, or a photographer, why should the fact that you happen to be female be a talking point?

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Telling Women's Stories - Women's Climbing Symposium 2017!

The subject of this year's Women's Climbing Symposium was Inspiration, so I was excited to find out more about what inspires the women at the WCS by running an interactive session. The results were fascinating, and especially useful for those who would like to engage more women and encourage them into sport and the outdoors...

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