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Shextreme Adventure Photography Competition

This year I will be judging the Adventure Photography competition for Shextreme Film Festival which is calling for entries along the festival's theme of empowering women in adventure. Encouraging and showcasing female photographers can only broaden the variety and quality of images and inspire others, whether they're male or female…

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What's your outdoors? Ruth Allen on the power of Outdoor Therapy

There’s a growing recognition that time spent outdoors is good for us - not only for physical health and exercise, but for the positive effect it has on our mind. I spoke to Ruth Allen, coach, counsellor, and writer to understand more about the powerful effect the outdoors can have on emotional and mental wellbeing...

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Women in Adventure... is gender becoming a distraction?

Recently I’ve seen several high profile women mentioning with frustration the fact that their gender is a talking point. I do understand that. When you’ve dedicated your life to becoming one of the most highly skilled in your profession, whether as an athlete, a survivalist, or a photographer, why should the fact that you happen to be female be a talking point?

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